Philosopher's Wool

Thank you for your interest in Alchemy Crochet. All items are handmade, to order. I have several self designed patterns and many, many more patterns from other designers on hand. Special requests for certain items are always welcome.
A little bit about me, I picked up crochet just before COVID in 2019 after my grandmother, an avid knitter, passed away. Among her supplies, I discovered my great- grandmother’s crochet hooks. I am self-taught, through YouTube. I prefer to work with neutral, earth tones and cool colors, but not pastels. I prefer to work with patterns that are minimalist, but have rich and vibrant textures to offset my use of neutral colors. I love working with post stitches and creating cables.

Why Alchemy Crochet? I've always felt that fiber arts like crochet & knitting, were mystical, like Rumplestiltskin spinning straw into gold. Alchemy is the transformation of matter; the attempt to turn a base metal into gold. For me, I turn yarn into art. The Alchemy Crochet logo is the Alchemy symbol for zinc, which is known as "Philosopher's Wool"